TTZ Porcupine Date

According to the prescription dosage of porcupine bezoar, our company’s packaging is 0.4 grams per serving.

Children’s dosage: 0.2 grams
dult dosage: 0.4 grams

For seriously ill patients, take three times a day, and for mild cases, take once a day or once in the morning and evening. The detailed dosage and frequency of use vary depending on individual physical condition and illness. It is recommended to consult with our company’s specialists before use.

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The Origin of Porcupine Date

The discovery and therapeutic effects of Porcupine Dates (locally known as “Batu Landak” in Indonesia).

Zheng He was a eunuch during the Yongle period of the Ming Dynasty. His original name was Ma He. He was sent to the Western Ocean many times by the order of Emperor Chengzu of the Ming Dynasty. From 1405 (the third year of Yongle of the Ming Dynasty) to 1433, Emperor Chengzu ordered Zheng He to lead a huge fleet of more than 240 ships and 27,400 crew members to sail far and visit more than 30 countries and regions in the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean.

During Zheng He’s second voyage to the Western Ocean, he passed through Southeast Asia’s Java, Sumatra, Sulu, Pahang, Chenla, Siam, and India’s Guli, Banggarra.

On June 30, 1406, Zheng He’s fleet landed in Sanbao Long (Semarang) in Java, Indonesia, and conducted trade. At that time, West Java and East Java were in a civil war, and West Java destroyed East Java. The soldiers of West Java mistakenly identified Zheng He’s soldiers as soldiers of East Java, and mistakenly killed 170 of Zheng He’s soldiers. The king of West Java (Masaba Xie) feared the might of the Ming Dynasty and offered 60,000 taels of gold to compensate for the soldiers who died tragically under Zheng He.

During the Java War, Wang Jinghong, a staff officer of Zheng He’s fleet, accidentally discovered that local soldiers and natives in Java could recover in a short period of time after being injured and could easily resist the severe pain after being wounded by swords and guns. The staff officer Wang immediately visited the local earth doctor to ask about the cause of this. The local earth doctor picked up an inconspicuous earth-colored irregular round object. The surface is uneven, the appearance is rough, and the shape and internal texture are irregular. The earth doctor called it (Batu Lan Dat, now known as Porcupine Dates). The earth doctor told Staff Officer Wang that local soldiers and natives all use Porcupine Dates to treat sword and gun wounds, colds, and various stubborn diseases.

Many soldiers of Zheng He’s fleet suffered from various diseases such as maladaptation to water and soil, plague, etc. during the landing in Java, and the death rate was extremely high. Only local natives and soldiers who had the plague could fully recover in a short period of time. According to the research of Staff Officer Wang, in fact, local natives and soldiers are the therapeutic effects after taking Porcupine Dates.

Porcupine Dates are a kind of mixed secretion formed by injured or sick porcupines going to find herbs to eat, and then the herbs are digested in their bodies and their own detoxification antibodies.

This mixed secretion is of extremely high value, can eliminate the virus in its body, and can quickly heal its own body. The mixed secretions remaining in the porcupine’s body, after a long accumulation, form a blocky crystal thing, which is Porcupine Dates.

Because medical science was not developed at that time, the so-called plague was actually dengue fever or dengue hemorrhagic fever. When suffering from dengue fever, when the platelet index in the patient’s body drops rapidly, it may cause the patient to fall into a coma or even die. If the patient takes Porcupine Dates, the platelets will recover to a safe index in a very short time.

Nowadays, Chinese medicine has found that Porcupine Dates have special therapeutic effects on various diseases. Because Porcupine Dates have a strong dredging function, dredging blood vessels, and ventilating blood functions, they are specially used for prevention and conditioning of stroke and sequelae of stroke, myocardial infarction, coronary heart disease and other health problems.

Special effects prevent and regulate various shoulder, neck, waist and leg pains, rheumatism, rheumatism, knee joints, cervical spine, lumbar spine and other pain problems.

Assist the body’s righteousness, keep the blood and blood flowing smoothly, clear the accumulation in the body, dredge the body’s circulation function, and promote metabolism.

Enhance the body’s immune system and restore vitality, can prevent various cancers caused by body congestion.

It can also be used as a post-operative, to resolve the side effects after the operation. Such as analgesia, antipyretic and quickly make the wound heal.

Cancer patients take Porcupine Dates, can help relieve pain, and resolve the side effects after chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

For various inflammations, it has the effects of detoxification, suppuration, anti-inflammation, promoting blood circulation, regenerating muscles, and relieving pain.

It also has significant effects on arteriosclerosis, dispelling wind, heartache, and stomach disease.

Long-term use can prevent stroke and myocardial infarction. Those who often stay up late and cause a decline in immunity can also restore immunity by taking Porcupine Dates.

Staff Officer Wang reported this matter to Zheng He in detail, and Zheng He also offered Porcupine Dates as a tribute to Emperor Chengzu after returning home. Emperor Chengzu later named this date as the royal doctor ground into powder, and named it “Royal Use Porcupine Life Extension Powder”.

Nowadays, Porcupine Dates, Horse Treasure, Cow Yellow and Dog Treasure can be listed as the four major divine medicines in Chinese medicine, which are rare. Only Porcupine Dates can still be obtained from porcupines by natives in the tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia. Due to the accidental discovery of Zheng He and Wang Jinghong in Java, it has therefore saved countless lives.